Ron Clearfield: celling, composer, conductor

Out of a long lineage of Classical Musicians

... and an education from the New England Conservatory of Music, Cellist and Keyboardist, Ron Clearfield, takes his classical roots and fuses them with the genres of New Age, World, Folk and Jazz, creating a new music for today.

"Ron's music is timelessly beautiful, powerful and yet filled with passionate tenderness and heart provoking sensitivity. This music emerges from the depths of his soul and dances in virtuosic waves of hope and joy."

CD Albums by Ron Clearfield

Dream Manifestation

Dream Manifestation offers a vision of peace and inspiration. Cellist and keyboardist Ron Clearfield is joined by other instrumentalists on flute, oboe, English and French horn, harp and percussion, creating beautiful and uplifting melodies that fulfill the heart. Combining music of the New Age along with classical elements, this music breathes an expression of tenderness, passion, healing and relaxation.


Music in the Silence

Music in the Silence will take you on a magical musical tour to other lands, spaces and consciousness, with a probable detour to deeper understanding and self-healing. Cellist and keyboardist, Ron Clearfield, presents his spin on "fusion" - Classical, New Age and World sounds in soulful cello melodies accompanied by grand piano, glorious synth and orchestral tones.


Time on Earth

Classical visionary composer, Ron Clearfield, blends New Age sounds with Ethnic, Jazz and Classical genres making a new music for today. World class cellist, Ron Clearfield, also performs on keyboards and percussion and is joined by a host of gifted musicians performing on flute, oboe, French horn, voice, mbira, harp, zither and percussion. This recording climaxes in the final cut, The Journey, scored for full orchestra. This music is timelessly beautiful, powerful and heart provoking. Music that can be enjoyed over and over again.